Winter Auto Body Care Tips

Winter is here, which means it's important to change up your car care routine. From making sure your tires are in peak condition to increasing your visibility and making sure your car doesn't rust, these are some winter auto body care tips to remember as we endure the coldest months of the year. Here are some things to keep in mind from J.B.A. Collision Center in Glen Burnie, MD.

Fix Dents Before They Rust

Do you have dents in your car that you haven't bothered to fix yet? Now is the time to get them fixed before the wetness of winter causes them to rust. If you bring your car into JBA, we will work to return your car to its original condition, helping prevent previous damage from becoming worse in colder weather.

Upgrade Tires

When the winter brings flurries and ice, your tires work overtime to keep your car connected to the road. That's why you need to take good care of your tires throughout the winter. If you're really worried about winter weather, then make sure you invest in winter tires. These specialized tires have a specific tread and rubber formulation that allows for a better grip on the road. You can also choose to stick to all-season tires, but replace your car's current set with new ones. It's a good idea to replace your vehicle's tires every six to ten years.

Check The Lights

As the winter days get shorter, you will find that you're using your headlights a lot more than usual. That's why you need to make sure that your lights are in the best condition possible. Check that your headlights, flashers, and signals are all in working order and make sure they're not foggy. If they are foggy, clean them to increase visibility.

Remember To Wash Your Car

Salty roads can do a number on your car's paint job. That's why - even though the temperatures are cold - you should still wash your car regularly throughout the winter months. By doing so, you will help preserve your paint job for years to come, while also reducing the buildup of grime on your car's undercarriage.

Need help with your car's repair and maintenance? Bring your vehicle to the JBA Collision Center to get your car looking good as new.

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