Unibody Construction

When it comes to constructing a vehicle, there are two main tried-and-true methods: body-on-frame construction and unibody construction. Here, we will be going over the intricacies of the latter construction method.

What Is Unibody Construction?

Simply put, unibody construction involves creating the body and the frame of a vehicle as a single piece during the manufacturing process. Body-on-frame construction, on the other hand, involves mounting a vehicle's body onto a chassis containing the powertrain.

The earliest vehicle utilized body-on-frame construction. However, the vast majority of today's vehicles utilize unibody construction, as this method helps automotive manufacturers save money. While body-on-frame construction still exists, vehicles that make use of it are few and far between.

Benefits of Unibody Construction

The most obvious benefit of unibody construction for manufacturers is its reduced cost. Additionally, this method of vehicle construction does present benefits for drivers as well. Vehicles assembled via unibody construction are often safer and more efficient than vehicles that use some other form of vehicle construction. Since most vehicles utilize this construction method, it's also easier to find replacement parts and repair shops that specialize in vehicles using a unibody design.

Drawbacks of Unibody Construction

Of course, no manufacturing method is without its drawbacks. Unibody vehicles are not built for towing and hauling cargo. Off-roading is also a more difficult task for unibody-design vehicles. What's more, since the body and chassis are all one part, it can make repairing these vehicles a bit more expensive if you get into a wreck. In instances where you need to replace either the body or the frame of your vehicle, you will ultimately need to replace both, as they are inseparable.

If you'd like to learn more about unibody construction, or just need a repair expert for your unibody vehicle, feel free to speak with our service staff here at J.B.A. Collision Center in Glen Burnie, MD.

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