Choosing a Collision Center

Getting into a vehicle collision is a stressful experience, but unfortunately, the stress does not immediately dissolve after you've made it home. If your vehicle is damaged in the collision, you will also need to begin the process of coordinating repairs with a collision center. At J.B.A. Collision Center, we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of the process by handling all the tough stuff for you.

So how do you go about choosing a collision center?

Start With Your Insurance

Your insurance provider likely has a list of preferred collision centers that they will encourage you to go to. Going through one of your insurance's preferred collision centers carries many benefits. Your insurance may offer a reduced deductible, and the collision center and the insurance company are already organized to work together, meaning potentially less paperwork for you. You also will not have to pay upfront and wait to be reimbursed by your insurance provider.

Ask Around

But you do not have to go with the collision center your insurance company recommends. If your agent tries to tell you this is required, they are breaking the law. Go with the collision center you are comfortable with.

A great way to find a collision center you prefer is to ask around. Friends and family on social media and in-person can provide recommendations. J.B.A. Collision Center also has a multitude of customer reviews online for you to review that might steer you in our direction thanks to our low prices, fast work, great customer service, and high standards of quality.

Go With What You Know

If you have worked with a collision center in the past and had a positive experience, consider working with that collision center again. But if you want a collision center you can trust, choose us. J.B.A. has plenty of repeat customers because of their positive experiences working with us.

Choose The Right Parts

When it's time to have your vehicle repaired, you'll have the choice between aftermarket parts and components built by the original equipment manufacturer. While aftermarket parts cost less, they may not last as long or may have incompatibility issues. Original equipment manufacturer parts, on the other hand, are high quality, designed for your vehicle's make and model, and are covered by a warranty.

Choose J.B.A. Collision Center in Glen Burnie, MD. We're known for transparency and fast but high-quality work. We'll get your vehicle back to you in a timely and pleasant manner. Schedule a visit with us today.

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